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Sunday is Shut Up Day

Caryn Denise Cast


Jennifer Croson

Supply Chain Management

Leslie Kerby

In Between

Robin Feld

Louis  Brawley

Louis Brawley

The Shape of Their Thoughts

Michael D. Tice


Clement Oladipo

Blue KEB

Geoffrey Stein

Contour 7

Irene Raptopoulos

Points of Departure Installation

Zahra Nazari

Father's Day

Mark L Miller

Angie  Durbin

Angie Durbin

Patricia  Miranda

Patricia Miranda

Heroic Simile

esther podemski

Seeing Blue

Anne Bascove

Dawn Rising

Andra Samelson

The Purple Wave

Noa Ginzburg

Tim  Gowan

Tim Gowan

"Water Drawing: 4 Open Ocean Swims, #2"

Chris Coffin

Mutual Benefit 1

Lacey Kim


Ting-Ting Meng

Sugar Calling

Emily Burns

Remembering a Trek I've Never Taken

Linda M Lauro-Lazin

It Wasn't Me

Stephen A Saliba

Tongue Slugs

Michelle L Mayer

It takes a village

Suejin Jo

Ghosts among us

Neil Constantine

Patrick  Todd

Patrick Todd


ken jones

Cade Ann Pemberton

Cade Ann Pemberton

Maria L Panina

Maria L Panina

Breeze Clock

Yura S Adams

Griefscape II

Weihui Lu

Modern Painting: The Conversion of St. Paul (a collaboration with Caravaggio)

Jack Reilly

Mountain Bar

Margaret H McCann

figure one

James Payne


Reem AlHashmi


Cheyenne Coston

Dana  Kane

Dana Kane

Smoothies for Vika

Richard Lohr


Donald Fortenberry

Altered States (journey)

Kit Warren

Dana   Majana

Dana Majana

Going After Paradise (Mojave), series of 7

Izabela Gola

Jason T Rohlf

Jason T Rohlf


Petey Brown

Dreaming of Touch

Bethany Brooke

Keisha Andrea Prioleau-Martin

Keisha Andrea Prioleau-Martin