NFT Seminar :: Part 2

By Jason Clay Lewis | May 13, 2021

This seminar focuses more on the practical and actionable aspect of setting up your online wallet, platform profile, and minting your first NFTs. My aim was to give you direct knowledge and the steps that will show you how to get started on your journey. The basic walk through lasted approximately 40 minutes with approximately a half hour for questions and answers.

For more information, resources, and definitions visit:

Beginning Steps

1. Use the Chrome browser and download Metamask to set up your Digital Wallet.

2. Transfer money from your Bank/Debit card to your Metamask wallet. If you live in New York state, I suggest using Switchere. The verification process will take you a few days and may cause a bit of anxiety. Follow the instructions very carefully - you can do it!

3. Create a profile on OpenSea. Choose a name, upload a portrait photo, page banner, and add a short description about yourself.

4. Mint your first NFT! If you create a Collection to upload your file, remember you will set the Royalty percentage in the Collection overall and not when you are minting the individual file. Add my @jasonclaylewis to your NFT posts and I will share and help spread the word.