Social Distance

This is an Online OPEN CALL for the April exhibition that will open at The Royal @ RSOAA on April 17th. We all find ourselves in a difficult situation, stuck alone in our homes with no physical interaction and connection with family and friends. We invite artists to share work that reflects on isolation and the mental hardship of being alone - as well as work that promotes positivity and gives hope for a better future. Artists selected will be included in the show on the RSOAA website and social media platforms.

How to Apply

to create an
Artist Profile


  1. Create an Artist Profile Before Applying for the Online OPEN CALL
    To create an Artist Profile, you must Register to The Royal List. If you already have an Artist Profile, then you can Apply for the Open Call at any time!
  2. The artworks in your Artist Profile will be used for selection
    Once you Login, go to your "My Account" page to upload up to 12 artworks, add title descriptions, and edit your profile.
  3. Selection Notification
    Artists will be notified if they have been selected for the Online part of the exhibition by April 11th, 2020.
  4. Artwork Details and Information
    Artwork information such as title, medium, and size should be included for all pieces. Images of select artworks will be taken directly from the Artist Profile and used on the RSOAA website and social media platforms.
  5. Select the "Click Here to Apply Now!" button
    The "Click Here to Apply Now!" button will verify if you have already created an Artist Profile and allow The Royal to know the artists that are participating in the Online OPEN CALL.
  6. Submit Entry Fee for the Online OPEN CALL: $20
    You do not need to pay to have an Artist Profile on The Royal List. If you wish to participate in the Online OPEN CALL and be in the exhibition supplemental at The Royal @ RSOAA - the entry fee is $20.

Jason Clay Lewis

Jason Clay Lewis is an artist and the Director of The Royal @ The Royal Society of American Art in Brooklyn, New York where his responsibilities include curating and promotion of all gallery exhibitions as well as the day to day running of the RSOAA studios. Originally coming to New York on an apprenticeship at Universal Limited Art Editions. This experience allowed him to work along side Jasper Johns as his personal studio assistant. His years of experience as an artist and art professional working in and around the New York art world has allowed him to both show and curate extensively in New York and internationally.

Ilona Golovina

Ilona Golovina is a New York based artist with a background in photo journalism, primarily working with analog photography and hand printing. Her work focuses on self reflection and explores the relationships in her inner circle. She studied art at British School of Art and Design in Moscow and Creative Practices in Photography at International Center of Photography in New York.

Health Update

These are trying times and The Royal @ RSOAA is looking for ways to stay positive and creative solutions to the difficult times ahead. Even though we now find ourselves distancing, secluded, and separated from our community, The Royal wants to be pro-active in looking for creative ways to give artists opportunities. Our sincere heartfelt thoughts go out to those who have been effected by the current health and economic changes that are now happening. Healthcare leaders are advising all of us, whether we are personally at risk or not, to limit social contact, avoid travel, overcrowding, and change our hygiene routines. These measures are both to protect ourselves and those of us who need it most. During this time, we would like to highlight our RSOAA website and social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Please take care of yourselves and the most vulnerable among us.

The Royal List at the Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA) is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY (Map).