How to Apply

to create an
Artist Profile


  1. You Must Create an Artist Profile Before Applying for the OPEN CALL
    To create an Artist Profile, you must Register to The Royal List. If you already have an Artist Profile, then you can Apply for the Open Call at any time!
  2. The artworks in your Artist Profile will be used for selection
    Once you Login, go to your "My Account" page to upload up to 12 artworks, add title descriptions, and edit your profile. Upload artworks and place in the order you would like to use for the exhibition.
  3. Artworks should be available for Exhibition and Sale
    If selected, The Royal will need info about how the artwork is to be displayed, how it is framed, prices, etc... Artists will be notified for inclusion in the exhibition by Monay, Dec. 30th. Artworks must be able to be delivered to the gallery by Jan. 8th.
  4. Approximate dimensions 24" x 24" inches
    Works for consideration should be medium to small and can very in size. All types of artwork will be considered - including sculpture and installation.
  5. Select the "Click Here to Apply Now!" button
    The "Click Here to Apply Now!" button will verify if you have already created an Artist Profile and allow The Royal to know the artists that are participating in the OPEN CALL.
  6. Submit Entry Fee for the OPEN CALL: $10
    You do not need to pay to have an Artist Profile on The Royal List. If you wish to participate in the OPEN CALL and be in the exhibition at The Royal @ RSOAA - the entry fee is $10.

The Royal List at the Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA) is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY (Map).