Solo (or Group Show Proposal) Exhibition

The Royal @ RSOAA is excited to announce our 2022 Open Call for a Solo (or Group Show Proposal) exhibition. If you would like to propose a group show, simply add "Group Show Proposal" in your Profile/Description text block and add links to each participating persons Artists Profile.

The solo exhibition or group show will run from September 9th - October 9th, 2022. We will prioritize underrepresented artists, works that uniquely activate the space, and works that are not viable in traditional commercial markets.

How to Apply

to create an
Artist Profile


  1. Create an Artist Profile Before Applying for the Solo (or Group Show Proposal) Exhibition
    To create an Artist Profile, you must Register to The Royal List. If you already have an Artist Profile, then you can Apply for the Open Call at any time!
  2. The artworks in your Artist Profile will be used for selection
    Once you Login, go to your "My Account" page to upload up to 12 artworks, add title descriptions, and edit your profile.
  3. Artworks Details and Information
    Artwork information such as title, medium, and size should be included for all pieces. Images of selected artworks will be taken directly from the Artist Profile and used on the RSOAA website and social media platforms.
  4. Select the "Click Here to Apply Now!" button
    The "Click Here to Apply Now!" button will verify if you have already created an Artist Profile on The Royal List. If you would like to propose a group show, simply add "Group Show Proposal" in your Profile/Description text block and add links to each participating persons Artists Profile. Artists will be notified for inclusion within days of the deadline.
  5. Submit Entry Fee for the OPEN CALL: $20
    You do not need to pay to have an Artist Profile on The Royal List. If you wish to participate in the Solo (or Group Show Proposal) OPEN CALL and be in the exhibition at The Royal @ RSOAA - the entry fee is $20.


Jason Clay Lewis

Jason Clay Lewis is an artist and the Director of The Royal @ The Royal Society of American Art in Brooklyn, New York where his responsibilities include curating and promotion of all gallery exhibitions as well as the day to day running of the RSOAA studios. Originally coming to New York on an apprenticeship at Universal Limited Art Editions. This experience allowed him to work along side Jasper Johns as his personal studio assistant. His years of experience as an artist and art professional working in and around the New York art world has allowed him to both show and curate extensively in New York and internationally.

Amelia Biewald

Amelia Biewald works with a wide variety of materials creating intricate paintings and sculptural works which culminate into large multi-textural installations. She mingles fact and fiction to recreate fables or intrigues where myth, custom, history and science converge. She has received several artist awards, residencies and fellowships for her work including the Skowhegan School Of Painting and Sculpture, a Bush Artist Fellowship, a Jerome Artist Fellowship, and a MN State Arts Board Award.

Sato Yamamoto

Sato is a Japanese artist inspired by culture and diversity. Born in Meguro, Tokyo – living in New York since 2013. Her unique style of art includes advanced ambidextrous and printmaking skills, that she perfected during her time in New York. Upon moving to New York, she noticed the vast diversity and fell in love with the multicultural tones of the city. New York changed her perspective of art.

David Gorman

David bought his first artwork at 24 and continues to collect ardently. A native of Miami, David graduated from Columbia and was an investment professional for 20 years. He later pursued entrepreneurial projects ranging from an Australian cattle ranch to a Project Runway winner fashion startup. David’s interest in the art market includes how emerging artists can elevate their visibility with collectors and institutions.

Yizhe Huang

Yizhe Huang is an artist and the Co-curator of Boxes Art Museum in Guangdong, China. She has written and been an editor for China's major art press Art News of China. Originally from Guangzhou, at the age of 15 she was awarded the SM1 Scholarship and began her secondary school in Singapore and has been independent ever since. She then continued her education at the University of Michigan finishing with a Bachelor of Arts. Moving to New York soon after, she now has a Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Her works analyze phenomena shaped by the natural and artificial lights of cityscapes and has shown at the Fringe Arts Bath festival in the United Kingdom and various prominent exhibitions in China, Korea, Singapore, and the United States.

The Royal List at the Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA) is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY (Map).