NFT Seminar :: Part 1

By Jason Clay Lewis | April 22, 2021

NFTs have hit the artworld like a Shockwave! When I started getting into and understanding the digital NFT landscape I kept thinking, "I wish I could just talk to someone about it and ask some questions." This seminar workshop is just that - a way for you to engage and get a perspective on what is going on and how to get involved. I know that feeling of knowing you need to get on board or you are going to get seriously left behind. I will do my best to walk you through the simple stuff and get into the excitement of what's possible. Imagine the world turning upside down and now you are in control. Take a small first step with me and maybe I can convince you of a future that you could never have dreamed of - one that will blow your mind.

The seminar aimed to establish practical knowledge through a Zoom format to inspire a fruitful exchange of new ideas, concepts, and good vibes. Even though the focus was about NFTs, participants were able to ask questions about anything art related including curating, being the Director of The Royal, applying to shows, Opportunities, Open Calls, etc...

For more information, resources, and definitions visit:

Beginning Steps

1. Use the Chrome browser and download Metamask to set up your Digital Wallet.

2. Transfer money from your Bank/Debit card to your Metamask wallet. If you live in New York state, I suggest using Switchere. The verification process will take you a few days and may cause a bit of anxiety. Follow the instructions very carefully - you can do it!

3. Create a profile on OpenSea. Choose a name, upload a portrait photo, page banner, and add a short description about yourself.

4. Mint your first NFT! If you create a Collection to upload your file, remember you will set the Royalty percentage in the Collection overall and not when you are minting the individual file. Add my @jasonclaylewis to your NFT posts and I will share and help spread the word.